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The stand-out feature of ClimbZone is the climbing walls themselves, as each of the walls is truly a work of art.

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ClimbZone provides a fun-focused destination in an all-weather, safe and exciting environment for anyone.

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We have 5 ClimbZone centers opened in five states and we're committed to further expand

Indoor Rock-Climbing & Family Entertainment Center

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ClimbZone is truly a revolutionary concept in family entertainment and the most unique indoor climbing experience that has ever been created. All our indoor climbing walls are individually themed. At ClimbZone, you and your children can climb to the top of Jack’s giant beanstalk, negotiate an enormous spider web, reach for the stars aboard our giant space rocket, rise to the top of the Empire State Building, scale the ancient bones of a T-Rex, or look each of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore in the eye.

Our mission is to create a family-friendly atmosphere where parents and children can enjoy indoor rock climbing together.


ClimbZone USA | Indoor Kids Rock Climbing Gym

ClimbZone of Chicago

Indoor Kids Climbing & Family Entertainment Center

ClimbZone of Howell

ClimbZone Laurel | Indoor Kids Climbing & Family Entertainment Center

ClimbZone of Laurel

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ClimbZone AT Mall of America

CZ Palisades 11

ClimbZone of PALISADES

ClimbZone USA | Indoor Rock-Climbing Gym


Our walls are designed to allow climbers of all ages to push themselves to their own personal limits. Parents continually provide feedback about the joy they experience when their children have faced an apparently insurmountable obstacle, and overcome the obstacle through their own desire to succeed. As one parent posted in a Facebook review, “That moment of ‘Mom! Do you see what I did?!’ and that look on their face… just totally awesome seeing that amount of confidence on your child’s face”.

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