ClimbZone is a revolutionary concept in family entertainment that provides an amazing and unique climbing experience. This unique family focused climbing center concept was brought from New Zealand (where it has been incredibly popular since its launch in 2008) to the United States. The first US climbing center was opened in Laurel, Maryland in 2014. Each of our 75 walls is custom designed, with customers scaling walls that replicate amazing adventure scenes from King Kong® to Mount Rushmore. It’s fun as well as secure, since ClimbZone utilizes an efficient hydraulic auto-belay system which allows climbers to return to the ground without relying on another person.

Why ClimbZone?

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The stand-out feature of ClimbZone is the climbing walls themselves, as each of the walls is truly a work of art. Climbers can scale walls like Mount Rushmore, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, or take a trek across a state map of the US. The talented team at ClimbZone has been inspired by themes from national landmarks, children’s stories and even prehistoric dinosaurs to create walls that can be a challenge – but also help to increase a climber’s confidence and improve coordination. Because we make the walls in our affiliated production facility, we can also create region-specific walls for your ClimbZone location. Our expert team will work with you to decide which of the popular walls from our core selection to include and then suggest new walls that can be unique to your business.

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There is a large and growing demand for family focused, active entertainment. ClimbZone provides a fun-focused destination in an all-weather, safe and exciting environment for anyone, ages 2 or 72, to develop abilities and increase self-confidence. We have also created a venue where parents can interact with their children while promoting a healthier lifestyle. THE WORKOUT WITH A DIFFERENCE At your ClimbZone location, you can show your customers how climbing can be a great workout – as they are pulling and pushing their own body weight, they gain strength in a natural, healthier way – and have fun at the same time!

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Support Offered

Investment Requirements

Franchise Fee


Franchise Term

10 years with two additional 5 year options

On-going Royalty

6% of gross sales

Advertising Fees

1% dedicated to local marketing and 1% to a brand fund.

Initial Investment

Approx $1,870,974 to $2,980,150. This includes everything needed to open your new ClimbZone location!

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