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ClimbZone is truly a revolutionary concept in family entertainment, the most
unique indoor climbing experience that has ever been created. Come and
experience family fun like never before.





Unique family entertainment

The stand-out feature of ClimbZone is the climbing walls themselves, as each of the walls is truly a work of art.

Active, fun & challenging

ClimbZone provides a fun-focused destination in an all-weather, safe and exciting environment for anyone.

Great for all ages

We have 3 ClimbZone centers opened in two states and we're committed to further expand



Climbing Walls

68 different indoor kids climbing walls. All walls are individually themed hand painted art.


Ropes Course

A two level high ropes course with a variety of elements.

Virtual Reality Entertainment Center - ClimbZone Howell

Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in a virtual experience and play a variety of games available.

Reverse Soft Play Attractions | ClimbZone Howell

Soft Play

Designed for toddlers and younger children,
full of obstacles for endless fun.

Gaming Arcades | ClimbZone Family Entertainment CenterHowell


Kill some time playing any of our most updated arcade games.

About Climbzone

ClimbZone is truly a revolutionary concept in family entertainment and is the most unique indoor climbing experience that has ever been created. Each of our climbing walls are a work of art.

At ClimbZone, you and your children can help Jack fight the Giant at the top of his beanstalk! Rescue Rapunzel by climbing her rope hair to the top of her tower. Soar into outer space! Battle knights, sharks, bees and falling fruit! With 68 differently themed walls to climb, your inner superhero will experience the thrill of reaching great heights and acquire new skills! Remember, “It’s Not About Holding On. It’s About Letting Go!”.

Our mission is to create a fun family-friendly atmosphere where parents and children can enjoy indoor rock climbing together which challenges and excites the senses, painted and crafted by hand, our walls provide a vivid and visually stimulating experience.

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