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Unique Family Entertainment

This unique family-focused climbing entertainment center concept was brought from New Zealand (where it has been incredibly popular since its launch in 2008) to the United States. The first US climbing center opened in Laurel, MD in November 2014. The Howell Location is the first franchise location opened in New Jersey!

What sets ClimbZone apart from other family venues is the climbing walls themselves. Each one is truly a work of art. Climbers can scale walls such as Mount Rushmore, a 28′ tall Suit of Armor, the Eiffel Tower, or take a trek across a map of the USA. Our walls are designed to allow children of all ages to push themselves to their personal limits. Parents continually provide feedback about the joy they experience when their children have faced an apparently insurmountable obstacle, and overcome the challenge through their own desire to succeed.

Another special feature of ClimbZone is our auto-belay system. This hydraulic system allows climbers to take control of their descent, returning to the ground without relying on another person.

Combining these elements has created a venue where parents can interact with their children, while promoting a healthier lifestyle. ClimbZone truly is the most unique family entertainment center ever created.